Adaptive Swim Tips For Parents

In this FREE Mini Course by Swim Angelfish, owners and adaptive swim experts Ailene Tisser and Cindy Freedman provide valuable insights for parents of children with special needs, learning challenges, and disabilities, who are struggling to gain swim skills.

The video focuses on understanding and addressing the unique behaviors exhibited by these children in the pool, which may impact their swim success and shares how it is possible for them to become safer and more independent in the water.

Course Content:
1) Water Properties and Sensory Needs:
  • Ailene and Cindy discuss how the properties of water can be leveraged by swim instructors to help children with sensory needs and physical limitations.
  • Emphasis on creating a sensory-friendly environment and using water's therapeutic properties to support learning.
2) Water Safety and Body Awareness:
  • The video underscores the importance of water safety practices and how parents can improve water safety for their children with special needs.
  • Includes expert tips for helping children develop body awareness in the water, improving their confidence and safety.
3) Transitioning and Success in the Water:
  • Strategies for helping children smoothly transition between activities in and out of the water to enhance their overall water experience.
  • Insights into the factors that may contribute to a child's struggles in traditional learn-to-swim programs.

4) Professional Adaptive Swim Tips for Parents:

  • Practical advice on using swim equipment effectively to support your child in gaining swim skills.
  • Suggestions and activities to prepare children for safe and enjoyable water experiences.

5) Never Give Up:

  • Ailene and Cindy's message of encouragement for parents: Believe in your child's potential to become safer and more independent in the water, regardless of their abilities.
  • Encouragement to not settle for less and maintain high expectations, emphasizing the importance of safe recreational water activities for the whole family.

6) Downloadable Content & Quiz

  • Knowledge check-in with our handy quiz.
  • PARENT Acronym Water Safety and Swim Success Tips.

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Swim Angelfish
Swim Angelfish
Meet the unstoppable forces making waves in the world of adaptive aquatics, transforming abilities one stroke at a time since 2000: Cindy Freedman (MOTR), and Ailene Tisser MA, PT, Co-Founders of Swim Angelfish.
Not only is Swim Angelfish a successful swim school and aquatic therapy provider; it is also an industry-recognized training resource for aquatic professionals wanting to improve their adaptive skill set. Through the specialized Swim Whisperers Certification and Aquatic Therapy training programs, Swim Angelfish equips aquatic professionals with the transformative expertise needed to effectively engage and unlock the potential of swimmers with special needs.
Cindy’s adaptive aquatics journey blended her lifelong love for the water with over 3 decades of experience as an Occupational and Recreational Therapist. Ailene’s adaptive aquatics journey combined her love of the water with her passion for helping individuals achieve their Physical Therapy goals, making the impossible possible by utilizing her therapy skills combined with the magic of the water.
This journey culminated in the creation of Swim Angelfish, an organization dedicated to addressing the concerning statistic of drowning as the leading cause of death for children with special needs.
Get ready to be inspired and motivated by Cindy and Ailene’s love and dedication to adaptive swim, aquatic therapy, and above all, the swimmers they help. Their journey isn't just about swimming; it's about diving deep into the sea of possibilities and making a difference by changing lives.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Thank you for watching! This FREE Mini-Course is a valuable resource for parents of children with special needs, offering expert guidance on making adaptive swim experiences successful, safe, and enjoyable.

It is a reminder that every child, regardless of their abilities, has the potential to thrive in the water with the right support, expectations and specially trained instructors in adaptive swim methods.

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